ESG as the New Normal

We are in a moment where is difficult to select what path to take regarding sustainable pledges and social awareness. But what is true is that we are moving from a Shareholder Capitalism to a Stakeholder Capitalism. This means that if we want to keep our planet for our future generations as it is we need to change our way of not only living but the way we make decisions. Everyday we make choices but we got used to think that the most important thing is how this choices are pleasing  us as individuals but not the impact it may have in a community. We strongly believe that we all are in this process of realization and this is why TransCircular'S aim is to help companies start with their why and then shift their what to become more aggresively sustainable.

We help you in the transition to 2030 Goals

Purpose of the organization with
Long Term Value creation should be the base to start
Complying with Existing Standards we help Mitigate impact and Adapt your organization
Including all stakeholders in CSR policies increasing substantially well-being among
Transforming Linear Business Models to Circular we aim to increase Resource Efficiency

Harmonized and Standardized information in one place

We guide you with upcoming International regulations so you are updated on Sustainability Matters, increase Visibility and Remain Competitive

Sustainable Development Goals
Materiality and Impact Assessments
Reporting & Standards
ESG Standard
Circular Index
Connecting Value Chain Actors we increase resource efficiency, decrease Cost and Impact
European Regulations
Taxonomy Aligned:
-Mitigation, -Adaptation, -Circular Economy,
- Water Use - Biodiversity
-Supply Chain Act
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