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During our studies we started to become aware of the footprint we leave on the world and that is that as we grow older we have more responsibility for it. We live in a time when our decisions will affect the lives of our children and grandchildren because of the model adopted centuries ago to increase economic growth in an unlimited way.
Since we realized that this is not sustainable because our planet is not growing at the same rate as the population, we decided to give our potential to address this problem without waiting for others to start doing something about it.We believe that the best way to create value and positive impact is to exploit each of our passions and now every decision we make is based on quantitative and qualitative data but the truth is that we don't have it. We need to start creating quality data that can be harmonized and standardized to start creating change and give our descendants the same or better world we are living in now.Our company is managed, which means it serves its own purpose.There are no Shareholders but Administrators who are the ones who look after the mission and purpose of the company protecting it from being sold. Since our purpose is to give and not to take, with the goal of helping companies commit to the Paris Agreement, we believe that we all must have our part in meeting the Sustainable Development Goals at the local and regional level.

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Our Team

IT Management Experience
Federico Molina,
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Javier Gómez, Frontend Developer
Political Science / Master in Management
Alejandra Mora,
CEO & Founder
Computer Scientist
Andrés Gallego,
Full- Stack Developer
Looking for
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Jessie Renolds, Co-Founder
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Jess Friend, VP Engineering
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Rachel Nay, Co-Founder and COO
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Matthew Mays, Chief Sales Officer
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Ray Benji, Chief Financial Officer
Ben Raymond
Natalie Co
Brian Halker
Rachel Minser
Debbie Loaw
Design & Research
Hiroko Nima
Sales Operations
Dave Dedhia
Ian Rad
Johanna Miller
Dan Michael
Dan Himmel
Leo Gong
Xin Qi
Ben Tyler
Maddy Scott

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