Decarbonizing value chains

We help companies decrease their products' carbon footprint across the entire supply chain connecting actors in a decentralize network

✓ Standardized Information
✓ Real Time
✓ Peer-to-Peer

Transparency and Traceability

Following the Supply Chain Act we create digital passports  for products with harmonized and standardized information. We trace and evaluate the social and environmental impact end-to-end, in real time and enable the visualization of the complete supply chain for all the stakeholders.

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Social and Environment Standards

Complying with the European Taxonomy , The European Green Deal and the new ESG standard framework, we automate CSR / non-financial disclosure for companies using AI. The reporting is monitored and verified by our protocol, using smart contracts in a secure and tamper-proof way.

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in our platform, companies have the opportunity to create circular value networks increasing their resource efficiency and sharing information with suppliers that are involved in the new bioeconomy. Connecting partners and having access to reliable information we implement Circular Oriented innovations across the supply chain.

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Decentralized Identity Infrastructure

GDPR compliant in a P2P network we facilitate the flow of information without third party intermediaries, verifying products' lifecycles with a Digital Identity. We issue CSR certificates among the participants and help store standardized and harmonized information in a immutable record keeping platform.

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Precision-targets to engage in a net-zero economy

What gets measured gets managed, from producer to consumer to Waste management companies we enable environmental performance schemes. With the Integration of Life Cycle Analysis of products we develop insights of the processess, understanding causal threads that enable improved impact and sharing traction and milestones with the stakeholders.

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Closing, Slowing and narrowing Loops

We connect data flows with material flows. Facilitating regenerative agriculture practices by cascading materials and circulating value locally and regionally.
We can trace the supply of secondary raw materials and connect material producers and waste management companies with the upstream and downstream actors.

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"Shifting to Renewable energy can decrease emissions by 55% but the rest 45 % is on the hands of the way we consume"
Ellen Macarthur, Director of Ellen Macarthur Foundation

Over 50,000 of the world's most innovative and successful companies, small startup and corporate, trust TaaS.

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In our platform you can track real-time standardized and harmonized ESG information.

Ensure that your partners are commiting to the oncoming requierements and standards.

With our Zero-Knowledge proof protocol data can be shared in a public or private ledger.

... and

Very soon we will start offsetting your practices

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